Support for IPSiS Participants

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The IPSiS Meeting is granted by The Research Council of Norway, via the Science Svalbard Forum, and by the Centre for Polar Studies, Poland. Thanks to it, the Participants will receive support for accommodation and boarding during the Meeting.  

Organizers will provide:

a) for Participants of the Workshop #1 and the Conference:
accommodation (18-22 Sept.), coffee breaks and lunches during the Workshop and the Conference  + tickets to the Icebreaker reception and the Conference Dinner.

b) for Participants taking part in Workshop #2 and the Conference:
accommodation (20-24 Sept.), coffee breaks and lunches during the Conference, boarding during the Workshop + tickets to the Icebreaker reception and the Conference Dinner.

c) for Participants taking part in the Conference only:
accommodation, coffee breaks and lunches (20-22 Sept.) + tickets to the Icebreaker Reception and the Conference Dinner.

The accommodation will be booked by the Organizers. We are able to book the stay also before and after the IPSiS Meeting (covered by the Participants). To make the booking process easier, please go to your registration account to indicate dates of your stay and requests for booking. 

We will appreciate your answers by 26th June at the latest. 


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