Practical information




The registration desk (in the UNIS building) will be open:

  • 17th Sept. 16:00-18:00,
  • 18th Sept. 15:00-17:00;
  • 19th Sept. 15:00-16:30 and 18:30-19:00;
  • 20th Sept. 8:30-9:00. 

Weather in Longyearbyen:

At this time of the year temperature usually oscillates around 0OC. Some rain or snow is possible, and it may be windy, especially at sea. You can check a weather forecast here:

What to bring:

Those of you who are taking part in the workshops will need outdoor clothing suitable for the weather:

  • waterproof jackets possibly with hoods,
  • warm clothes (wool, fleece)
  • hiking boots,
  • warm hat or cap,
  • gloves, etc.

You may also want to take a thermos bottle. A small backpack to carry your stuff will be useful.

It is customary to take off your boots when coming indoors at UNIS. This rule also applies to other public buildings. You can bring indoor shoes.

Arriving in Longyearbyen:

To get from the airport to the Guesthouse 102 (address: Nybyen 9170) you have to take the airport shuttle bus (costs approx. NOK 60) or a taxi. There are minibus taxi available, which can be a good solution for a larger group. Please note that it is forbidden to walk without a firearm on the road between the airport and the town.

A map of Longyearbyen is available here.


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