Aims and activities of the Centre are:

  • to cooperate in organising environmental Ph.D. studies in the field of interdisciplinary polar research,
  •  to support mobility of research staff of universities, scientific institutes of Polish Academy of Sciences and research institutes,
  •  to develop internship programmes for Ph.D. graduates in the institutions – Members of the Centre,
  •  to conduct, coordinate and enhance scientific research and development projects, in particular involving junior research staff and Ph.D. students,
  • to initiate and coordinate participation of the universities and other scientific institutions in international research programmes,
  • to initiate, organise and oversee interdisciplinary laboratories to enable junior research staff and Ph.D. students conduct research,
  • to acquire funds and perform research within mutual research enterprises (national and international).

Aims and activities of the Centre shall be carried out by the means of:

  • organizing mutual conferences and trainings
  •  conducting educational activities,
  • educating researchers and specialists in the fields within the scope of Centre’s activity,
  • mutual research and development project, enhanced by experience and infrastructure of the Members,
  • supporting other Members’ applications for investments in the area of big research infrastructure and building investments which shall reinforce research or development projects,
  • cooperation in terms of preparation and realisation of scientific and research projects on interdisciplinary polar subject matter,
  • contribute to popularising education, in particular by presenting the achievements of the Centre in media, via lectures at University of the Third Age, popular and scientific conferences, thematic conferences, participation in educational  festivals and picnics,
  • coordination of research and didactic cooperation under a widely understood polar subject with other national and foreign scientific institutions,
  • creating an ICT platform – a scientific platform to constitute a forum for exchanging information  in the scope of Centre’s activity,
  • exchange of research and implementation services; reciprocal access to infrastructure and equipment in order to carry out mutual scientific, research and development enterprises,
  • cooperation in editing and issuing publications.

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