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    In connection with counteracting the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus, the office of the Centre for Polar Studies is switching to a remote work system. Please contact us on the phone number 571 449 703 or e-mail polarknow@us.edu.pl

SIOS and UNIS support the fieldwork in Svalbard!

The ongoing pandemic has limited research activities in Svalbard, including the possibility of organizing the fieldwork campaign 2020 as part of the project „Hindcasting and projections of hydro-climatic conditions of Southern Spitsbergen” (RiS 11198) in the Werenskiold Glacier area (Wedel Jarlsberg Land, Spitsbergen). The SIOS Logistics Sharing Notice Board platform … more

Proposed PhD projects at the IEDS 2020/2021

Proposed PhD projects at the International Environmental Doctoral School have been published on the website: https://www.mssd.us.edu.pl/en/application2020_2021/ We kindly ask you to read our offer and invite you to apply to the Doctoral School. Registration of candidates in the IRK system will be available from 30 June to 27 August 2020. … more

NVP International Summer school 2020 – Global Arctic

Opportunity for PhD and Post-Doc – an interdisciplinary summer school in Longyearbyen, Svalbard Time: June 20th – 28th 2020. Application deadline is 15th February 2020. The selected candidates will be notified by the end of March 2020 More information – *.PDF and here: Summer Schools 2020-2022

SESS report 2019

The State of Environmental Science in Svalbard (SESS) report 2019 has been released during the SIOS Polar Night Week 2020 in Longyearbyen, January 2020. The SESS report is published in two versions: SESS report 2019 – Summary for Stakeholders and SESS report 2019 – Full report See here: https://sios-svalbard.org/SESS_Issue2