Freshwater in fjords

Leaders: Prof. Waldemar Walczowski, Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences; Prof. Eva Falck, The University Centre in Svalbard, Norway

The workshop will provide:

  1. Lecture: Fjords physical oceanography – basic information and methods of studying;
  2. Demonstrations of basic tools in physical oceanography, simple measurements and sampling;
  3. Laboratory practical work – downloading of collected CTD data, simple processing and presentation.


The field workshop will concentrate on fjords physical oceanography. Properties of water masses, water exchange and circulation in fjords will be presented. Special attention will be paid to role of freshwater in fjords system and in the global ocean. Importance of tidewater glaciers in freshwater discharge will be discussed.  During the visit in Hornsund, selected methods of oceanographic measurements will be presented. During the laboratory work, data collected by means of autonomic CTD probe will be downloaded, processed and demonstrated.

We expect to visit and make measurements in regions of tidewater glaciers in Hansbukta and Brepolen.

Duration: 4 hours, including

~ 1 h of lecture (fjords physical oceanography, water masses, seasonal cycles, role of freshwater in fjords hydrography);
~3 h practical activities on board, including demonstrations of sampling techniques and work procedures in laboratory (r/v Horyzont)


Participants will need outdoor clothing: waterproof jackets and boots.


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