Krzysztof Senderak

PhD thesis titile:

„Struktura i ewolucja stoków usypiskowych południowego Spitsbergenu” / „Structure and evolution of talus slopes on southern Spitsbergen”


  • Dr hab. Bogdan Gądek
  • Dr Marta Kondracka



  • 2012 – member of 25th Expedition of the University of Wrocław to Spitsbergen
  • 2013 – Award of the Polish Minister of Science and Higher Education



Project leader: „Określenie przebiegu ewolucji stoków południowego Spitsbergenu na tle zmian klimatu”, NCN Preludium 12, nr 2016/23/N/ST10/00162


Senderak, K., Kondracka, M., Gądek, B. 2017. Talus slope evolution under the influence of glaciers with the example of slopes near the Hans Glacier, SW Spitsbergen, Norway. Geomorphology 285: 225-234.

Senderak, K., Wąsowski, K. 2016. Chemical weathering of talus slopes: the example of slopes in the Brattegg Valley, SW Spitsbergen. Studia Geomorphologica Carpatho-Balcanica 50: 105-122.

Kowalski A., August Cz., Jakus N., Ozimkowski W., Paca P., Raczko J., Sauermann J., Senderak K., Urbanek P., Zając M., Zboioska K. 2016. Młoda geologia w Polsce – historia i działalnośd studenckich kół naukowych geologów. Przegląd Geologiczny 64 (9): 766-770.

Attended conferences and conference abstracts:

10th Geosymposium of Young Researchers Silesia 2017, Zabrze, 21-23.09.2017
Talk: “Environmental conditions recorded in the internal structure of talus slopes (examples from SW Spitsbergen and the Polish Tatra)”

International Sopot Youth Conference 2017, Sopot, 26.05.2017
Poster: “Paraglacial sequence in early development of talus slopes: the example of slopes near the Hans Glacier on SW Spitsbergen”

Senderak K., Kondracka M., Gądek B., Ignatiuk D. 2015. The sedimentological lesson from the geophysical surveys of the high and mid-latitude talus slopes. 5th International Conference on Alluvial Fans in Christchurch, New Zealand (30.11-04.12.2015). Conference Materials.

Senderak K. 2015. Morphodynamics and internal structure of talus slopes in the polar environment. 31st IAS Meeting of Sedimentology held in Kraków on 22nd–25th of June 2015.

OVA ’15 – New Knowledge and Measurements in Seismology, Engineering Geophysics and Geotechnical Engineering”, VSB, Ostrawa, Czech Republic, 7-9.04.2015.
Talk: Senderak K. The mechanisms of contemporary material transport of material on the talus slopes in Svalbard.

Senderak K. 2013. Overview of morphogenetic features of talus slopes in periglacial zone for example Gullichsenfjellet (SW Spitsbergen) (W:) Uchański O. (red.), The Second Conference of Student of Technical Science. Puzzel 2013, Wroclaw. ISBN 978-83-937278-0-3. Post-conference materials.

Senderak K. 2013. Dissolution of rocks in the Arctic caused by rainwater and snowmelt illustrated with an example of talus cones in Brattegg Valley (SW Spitsbergen) (W:) Buczynski S., Stasko S., Huszcza B. (red.) IV International Field Workshop for Young Hydrogeologists “Geothermic”. ISBN 978-83-60425-50-3. Post-conference materials.



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