Marta Bystrowska

PhD thesis title:

Wpływ zmian klimatycznych na rozwój turystyki w Arktyce” / “The influence of climate change on tourism development in the Arctic”


  • Prof. dr hab. Jacek Jania 
  • Dr Piotr Dolnicki



Bystrowska M., Dolnicki P. 2015. The impact of endogenous factors on diversification of tourism space in the Arctic. Current Issues of Tourism Research 5: 36-44

Heemsta H., Wigger K., Bystrowska M. 2014. Innovation and climate change: the role of network relations and the attitudes of tourism actors on Svalbard. In: Alsos G.A., Eide D., Madsen E.L. Handbook of Research on Innovation in Tourism Industries, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Attended conferences:

AECO – Arctic Expedition Cruise Organization, KOpenhaga, Dania, październik 2016

UArctic Congress, St. Petersburg, Rosja, 12-16.09.2016
Presentation: Olsen J., Wigger K., Bystrowska M. Cruise tourism activities in the Barents Sea: local communities’ perspectives and governance.

5th International Polar Tourism Research Network Conference, Akureyri – Rauharhon, Islandia, 28.08 – 2.09.2016
Referaty: Bystrowska M., Dawson J. Making places: the role of Arctic expedition cruise operators in ‘creating’ tourism destinations and spaces.
Presentation: Wigger K., Bystrowska M. Natural resource ecosystem and inter-organizational arrangements – the case of the Arctic expedition cruise.

1st Central European Polar Meeting, Wiedeń, Austria, 10-13.11.2015
Presentation: Bystrowska M. Perspectives of Arctic cruise tourism development in the time of rapid environmental change.

Interdisciplinary Studies in Svalbard (IPSIS) Meeting, Longyearbyen-Hornsynd, Svalbard, Norwegia, 18-24.09.2015
Presentation: Innovative capacity of Svalbard’s tourism industry and its role in climate change adaptation.



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