Aleksander Uszczyk


Aleksander Uszczyk

PhD thesis title:

“Atmosphere-snow-background interactions in the Arctic environment (Hornsund, Southern Spitsbergen)”


  • Dr. Mariusz Grabiec


International Polar Studies, Faculty of Earth Sciences, University of Silesia
Będzińska 60, 41-200 Sosnowiec (room 1409)

Participation in research projects:

  • Intaros – Integrated Arctic Observing System
  • Awake2 – Arctic Climate System Study of Ocean, Sea Ice and Glaciers Interactions in Svalbard Area
  • C2S3 – Community Coordinated Snow Study in Svalbard


Błaszczyk, D.Ignatiuk, A.Uszczyk, K.Cielecka, M.Grabiec, J.Jania, M.Moskalik, W.Walczowski. „Fresh water input to the Arctic Fjord Hornsund (Svalbard)”, Polar Research (in press)

Łupikasza, D.Ignatiuk, M.Grabiec, K.Cielecka, M.Laska, J.Jania, B.Luks, A.Uszczyk, T.Budzik. „The role of winter rains in glacial system on Svalbard”, Water (submitted)

Uszczyk, M.Grabiec, M.Laska, J.Jania, M.Kuhn, D.Ignatiuk*, M.Pętlicki, T.Budzik. „Importance of snow as a component of surface mass balance of an Arctic glacier – Hansbreen (S Spitsbergen as an example)”, Polar Science (submitted)

Attended conferences, conference abstracts:

“International Conference on Snow Hydrology, Heidelberg Germany 2018” – SnowHydro 2018
Talk: Kępski D., Luks B., Migała K., Uszczyk A., Westermann S., Budzik T. Evolution of snow cover stratigraphy during ablation period in High Arctic tundra environment (SW Spitsbergen)”,

XXXV SCAR Biennial Meetings Arctic Science Summit Week 2018 & IASC Business Meetings SCAR/IASC Open Science Conference 2018 Arctic Observing Summit
Poster: Grabiec M., Laska M., Uszczyk A., Decaux L., Ignatiuk D., Budzik T. Importance of snow cover for changes in glacier geometry, Hansbreen, Svalbard”,

„Interdisciplinary Polar Studies in Poland” Warsaw, Poland, at the Staszic Palace (Polish Academy of Sciences)17 -19 November 2017
Uszczyk A., Grabiec M., Kępski D. Thermal properties of snow cover over different ground types during spring season 2016 in Hornsund region.
Błaszczyk M., Ignatiuk D., Uszczyk A.,Cielecka A., Grabiec M., Jania J., Moskalik M., Walczowski W.Fresh water input to the Hornsund with the emphasis on glacier calving

„Taking the next step in Svalbard snow research – Phase II” 9-11 November 2016 Dept. Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Uszczyk A., Grabiec M., Kępski D. Thermal properties of snow cover over different ground types during spring season 2016 in Hornsund region.
Kepski D., Luks B., Koziol K., Grabiec M., Uszczyk, A., Westermann S. Behaviour of snow cover on tundra during ablation period – Hornsund 2016.

“Workshop on the dynamics and mass budget of Arctic glaciers”, Benasque, Spain. 25 – 27 January 2016. Book of Abstracts and Programme: 39.
Talk:Uszczyk A., M. Grabiec M., Jania J., Budzik T., Laska M., Ignatiuk D., Luks B. 2016. Snow cover as a freshwater input to the glacier surface. Hansbreen as an example.

International Symposium on the Hydrology of Glaciers and Ice Sheets, Höfn, Islandia, 21–26.06.2015.
Talk: Sziło J., Uszczyk A., Bialik R. Spatial distribution changes of land based glaciers and calving processes of tidewater glaciers in Admirality Bay (King George Island, Antarctica).

Workshops, courses:

University Centre of Svalbard, „The Arctic Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Local Climate Processes” February/March 2018

Southern Spitsbergen, snow sampling – fieldwork, April-May, 2017

3rd Snow Science Winter School, 12-18 February 2017. Sodankylä, Finland


Co-organization and attendance in the Silesian Science Festival, Katowice, Poland, 1-2.12.2017.

Research interests:

snow cover in polar regions, climatology, cartography, GIS in environmental analyses


music (guitar, konga, jambe), books (science-fiction, adventure), winter sports




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