Agnieszka Promińska

PhD thesis title:

„Dynamika międzyletnich i sezonowych zmian temperatury, zasolenia oraz prądów morskich w fiordzie Hornsund, Spitsbergen” / „Dynamics of interannual and seasonal variability in temperature, salinity and currents in Hornsund Fjord, Spitsbergen”


  • Dr hab. Waldemar Walczowski, prof.IO PAN
  • Dr Agnieszka Beszczyńska-Möller


Research projects:

AWAKE-2 – participant, WP3.1. Fjord hydrography from historical and new data

GAME – participant, WP1.1. Analyses of the fjords physical environment variability based on the archival hydrographic data


Promińska A., Cisek M., Walczowski W. 2017. Kongsfjorden and Hornsund – comparative study based on a multiyear survey in fjords of west Spitsbergen. Oceanologia 59(4): 397-412, DOI:

Głuchowska M., Kwasniewski S., Prominska A., Olszewska A., Goszczko I., Falk-Petersen S., Haakon H., Węsławski J.M. 2016. Zooplankton in Svalbard fjords on the Atlantic-Arctic boundary. Polar Biology 39(10): 1785–1802. DOI: 10.1007/s00300-016-1991-1

Drewnik A., Węsławski J.M., Włodarska-Kowalczuk M., Łącka M., Promińska A., Zaborska A., Głuchowska M. 2016. From the worm’s point of view. I: Environmental settings of benthic ecosystems in Arctic fjord (Hornsund, Spitsbergen)Polar Biology 39(8): 1411–1424. DOI: 10.1007/s00300-015-1867-9

Pętlicki M., Ciepły M., Jania J.A., Promińska A., Kinnard C., 2015. Calving of tidewater glacier driven by melting at the waterlineJournal of Glaciology 61(229): 851-863, DOI:

Wegner C., Bennett, de Vernal A., Forwick M., Fritz M., Heikkilä M., Łącka M., Lantuit H., Laska L., Moskalik M., O’Regan M., Pawłowska J., PromińskaA., Rachold V., Vonk J.E., Werner K. 2015. Variability in transport of terrigenous material on the shelves and the deep Arctic Ocean during the HolocenePolar Research 34(1), 24964, DOI:

Zagórski P., Rodzik J. Moskalik M., Strzelecki M.C., Lim M., Błaszczyk M., Promińska A., Kruszewski G., Styszyńska A., Malczewski A. 2015. Multidecadal (1960-2011) shoreline changes in Isbjørnhamna (Hornsund, Svalbard)Polish Polar Research 36(4): 369–390.  DOI: 10.1515/popore−2015−0019

Attended conferences, conference abstracts:

10th Geosymposium of Young Researchers Silesia, Zabrze, Poland, 2017, 21-23.09.2017.
Talk: Promińska A., Cisek M., Przyborska A., Walczowski W., Comparative study of hydrography in two Arctic fjords, Hornsund and Kongsfjorden (Spitsbergen).

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017 (EGU 2017), Vienna, Austria, 23-28.04.2017.
Poster: Promińska A., Falck E., Walczowski W. Hydrographic response of Hornsund Fjord (South Spitsbergen) to climate changeGeophysical Research Abstracts 19: EGU2017-18931.

AWAKE-2 Meeting, Sopot, Poland, 3-4.12.2016.
Talk: Promińska A. WP3. Fjord oceanography. Task 3.1. Fjord hydrography from historical and new data.

Workshop on the Dynamics and Mass Budget of Arctic Glaciers & the IASC Network on Arctic Glaciology, Workshop on the dynamics and mass budget of Arctic glaciers, Benasque, Spain, 25-27.01.2016.
Talk: Promińska A., Walczowski W. Observations of oceanic waters reaching tidewater glaciers in Hornsund, Spitsbergen. Book of Abstracts and Programme: 36.

EGU General Assembly 2016, Vienna, Austria, 17- 22.04.2016.
Talk: Promińska A., Falck E., Walczowski W., Sundfjord A. Spatial and temporal variability in distribution of water masses in Hornsund, Spitsbergen. Geophysical Research Abstracts 18: EGU2016-14470.

ASSW 2015, Toyama, Japan, 27-30.04.2015.
Talk: Promińska A., Ignatiuk D. The oceanic influence on glaciers calving in Hornsund Fjord, Spitsbergen.

Interdisciplinary Polar Studies in Svalbard (IPSiS) Meeting, Longyearbyen-Hornsund, Svalbard, Norway, 18-24.09.2015.
Talk: Promińska A., Beszczyńska-Möller A., Przyborska A., Jakacki J., Kosecki S., Ignatiuk D. 2015. Observations of water mass evolution in Hornsund Fjord.

XXXIV Sympozjum Polarne, Sosnowiec, 14-16.06.2012.

Promińska A., Goszczko I. AWAKE – kompleksowe podejście do fizycznego środowiska Hornsundu. W: Krawczyk W.E., Styszyńska A. (Red.) XXXIV Sympozjum Polarne, streszczenia referatów i posterów: 58.

Workshops, courses:

AGF-811 Air-Ice-Sea Interaction II, University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), Longyearbyen, Norway, 31.10-9.12.2016


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