Response of Svalbard glaciers to changing climate


Leaders: Prof. Jacek A. Jania, Dr. Dariusz Ignatiuk, Centre for Polar Studies / University of Silesia, Poland

The field workshop will concentrate on adaptations of polythermal glaciers to current climate change and their consequences for the local and global environment. Special attention is paid to behavior of tidewater glaciers. During the visit on Hansbreen in Hornsund, survey methods and outcomes from monitoring of glacial processes will be demonstrated. Results on iceberg and freshwater flux to the sea will be also presented. A role of particular groups of factors influencing calving intensity and terminus fluctuations will be considered. Special attention will be paid to glacier dynamics and sea action. Differences between climate driven response of land based and marine terminated glaciers are planned to be discussed.

Itinerary of the excursion will be decided according to the current weather conditions. We expect to visit: (1) terminus monitoring sites on the Baranowski Peninsula, (2) western land-based part of the Hansbreen tongue: dead ice and the edge of crevassed zone, (3) glacier marginal zone with ground moraine and lateral ice-cored moraine.

Participants will need outdoor clothing: waterproof jacket with hood or beanie, hiking boots, etc. A backpack for packed lunch and an extra stuff is recommended. Background knowledge on glaciology is welcomed.



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