IPSiS Thematic Sessions

20/09 Atmosphere
Physics, Physical Oceanography

Chairs: Waldemar Walczowski, Tymon Zieliński
Author(s) (short)
Title (link to abstract pdf)
13:00-13:15 G. Young, H.M. Jones, T.W.
Choularton et al.
Investigating the Interaction between Ice-Nucleating Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics during the ACCACIA Campaign
 13:15-13:30 O. Lipiński Changes in activity of depression tracks on the Atlantic sector of Arctic (1948-2014)
 13:30-13:45 P. Ulandowska-Monarcha, R.
Przybylak, A. Araźny
Influence of atmospheric circulation on air temperature and relative air humidity in the northern part of the Kaffiøyra Plain (NW Spitsbergen) in period September 2010 – August 2013
 13:45-14:00 H.G. Chan, M. Frey, M.D.
The impact of nitrogen chemistry in snow on atmospheric oxidising capacity under modern and past climate change
 14:00-14:15 E. Freud, R. Krejci, P.
Tunved, L. Barrie
Connecting Aerosol Size Distributions at Three Arctic Stations
 14:15-14:30 H. Kheyrollah Pour, C.R.
Duguay, K.A. Scott, K-K Kang
Ice thickness retrieval over large Arctic lakes from MODIS and AMSR-E data for operational data assimilation
 14:30-14:45 Y. Zhang Comparisons of Arctic sea ice extent, area and temperature analyses for 2002-2015
 14:45-15:00 A. Fedorova, A. Popov, A.
Analysis of long term variability of thermohaline characteristics of water masses near Greenland cyclonic gyre
15:00-15:15 coffee break
 15:15-15:30 K. Wojtysiak, A. Herman,
M. Moskalik
Wind wave environment of open Arctic bay and its influence on coastal morphodynamics – insights from SWAN simulations in Hornsund and Isbjornhamna
 15:30-15:45 A. Vesman, B. Ivanov, V.
Changes in Atlantic water temperature and polynya size in the region north of Spitsbergen
 15:45-16:00 A. Promińska, A.
Beszczyńska-Møller, A. Przyborska et al.
Observations of water mass evolution in Hornsund Fjord
 16:00-16:15 S. Muckenhuber, F. Nilsen,
A. Korosov, S. Sandven
Sea ice cover in Isfjorden and Hornsund 2000 – 2014 by using remote sensing
 16:15-16:30 A. Mushta, V. Volkov, D. Demchev Connection between variability of ice drift in Fram strait and structure of drift fields and ice conditions in the Arctic basin at a turn of XX-XXI centures (based on satellite datas)
 16:30-16:45 E. Newsom, C. Bitz, F. Bryan, R.  Abernathey et al. Constraints on the global transformation of seawater from interactions with the atmosphere and implications for polar climate
 16:45-17:00 V. Nandan, T. Islam, T.
Geldsetzer et al.
Sensitivity of microwave scattering to snow electro-thermo-physical properties of snow-covered first-year sea ice: A multi-frequency approach
 17:00-17:15 K. Stanisławska Genetic programming for heat flux estimation in polar regions

20/09 Earth Sciences

Chairs: Francisco Navarro, Robert Bialik
Author(s) (short)
Title (link to abstract pdf)
13:00-13:15 J. Ćwiąkała, M. Moskalik Submarine morphological features in the coastal zone as a result of the Hans Glacier retreat and the influence of oceanographic conditions in Hornsund (Spitsbergen, Isbjørnhamna, Hansbukta)
 13:15-13:30 K. Dudzisz, R. Szaniawski,
K. Michalski
Magnetic properties of the Early Triassic rocks of Hornsund area, Spitsbergen: preliminary results
 13:30-13:45 M. Gwizdała, G. Kusza, P.
Zagórski et al.
Magnetic susceptibility of seabed sediments in the region of Bellsund fjord
 13:45-14:00 M. Burzyński, K.
Michalski, K. Nejbert, J. Domańska- Siuda
Ferromagnetic carriers identification of selected metabasite rocks from Oscar II Land, Western Spitsbergen.
 14:00-14:15 T. Tonkin, N. Midgley, S.
Cook, J. Labadz, D. Graham
Moraine de-icing progression in high-Arctic proglacial environments: the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and Structure from Motion photogrammetry for monitoring geomorphological change
 14:15-14:30 E. Bash, B. Moorman Comparison of UAV-derived and Lidar DEMs for application in glaciological modelling
 14:30-14:45 J. Sziło, R. Bialik Glaciers in Admiralty Bay (King George Island, Antarctica): a review and future challenges
 14:45-15:00 K. Lach Evaluation of changes in dynamic of Jakobshavn Glacier (West Greenland) based on satellite images analyses
15:00-15:15 coffee break
 15:15-15:30 J. Małecki Accelerating mass loss of central Spitsbergen glaciers
 15:30-15:45 M. Udovenko Comparative estimation of methods for separating the root and microbial respiration in permafrost-affected soils
 15:45-16:00 L. Siekacz Salix polaris growth responses to active layer detachment and solifluction processes in High Arctic.
 16:00-16:15 K. Rymer The aeolian processes observations in Ebba valley (central Spitsbergen), 2010-2015
16:15-16:30 F. Navarro, M. Möller, A. Martin-Español et al. Modelling the evolution of Svalbard land-terminating glaciers over the 21st century

Terrestrial Ecology, Environmental Chemistry/ Pollution

Chair: Josef Elster
Author(s) (short)
Title (link to abstract pdf)
 13:00-13:15 A. Bobrik, G. Matyshak, O.
Goncharova, I. Ryzhova
Active layer thickness and CO2 efflux of frozen peatlands: relationship, spatial variability, trend of climate change (CALM R1, western Siberia, Russia)
 13:15-13:30 M. Stawska Radial growth of dwarf shrubs and herbaceous plants in Ebbadalen (central Spitsbergen)
 13:30-13:45 L. Keslinka, G. Neubauer Fate or free will – the Little Auks’ nesting sites and foraging ground preferences in the changing Arctic environment
 13:45-14:00 E. Pushkareva, J.
Kviderova, I.S. Pessi et al.
Microalgal community composition and ecophysiological processes in Arctic soil crusts at different stages of development
 14:00-14:15 L. Beumer, Ø. Varpe, B.B
Functional response to snow-ice conditions and changes in diet quality during winter in a high-Arctic ungulate
 14:15-14:30 B. Peeters, V. Veiberg,
Å.Ø. Pedersen et al.
Sex matters – effects of climate and density-dependence on adult sex ratio variation in a large Arctic herbivore
14:30-14:45   coffee break
14:45-15:00 D. Kępski, K. Migała, B.
Luks, A. Nawrot
Snow cover stratigraphy as a source of information about weather and pollutants deposition history – a case study from SW Spitsbergen
 15:00-15:15 A. Abramova, S.
Chernyanskii, N. Marchenko, E. Terskaya
Contamination of snow cover near Longyearbyen and Barentsburg settlements, Spitzbergen
 15:15-15:30 A. Pouch, A. Zaborska, K.
Distribution of selected POPs in the Arctic fjords sediments

21/09 Marine Ecology
& Human Activity in the Arctic

Chair: Lech Kotwicki
Author(s) (short)
Title (link to abstract pdf)
  13:00-13:15 K. Koziorowska, K.
Kuliński, J. Pempkowiak
Sedimentary organic matter in two contrasting Arctic fjords: terrestrial and marine contribution based on elemental and stable isotopes composition and content
  13:15-13:30 K. Ostaszewska, E.
Trudnowska et al.
Interannual distribution of various zooplankton size fractions vs. front position along West Spitsbergen Shelf during five summer seasons (2010-2014)
 13:30-13:45 M. Ormańczyk Zooplankton structure in the high latitude fjords with contrasting oceanographic conditions: Hornsund and Kongsfjorden, Spitsbergen
 13:45-14:00 Z. Smoła, C. Hoppe, E. Leu
et al.
Phytoplankton wintering strategy in polar regions
 14:00-14:15 M. K. Hatlebakk, J.
Søreide, M. Graeve, G. Johnsen
The role of lipids and fatty acid composition for successful reproduction in Calanus glacialis
14:15-14:30 coffee break
 14:30-14:45 M. Bystrowska Innovative capacity of Svalbard’s tourism industry and its role in climate change adaptation
 14:45-15:00 J. Olsen, G.K. Hovelsrud Arctic maritime activities in changing climatic conditions: Impacts on local community
 15:00-15:15 L. Kelvin, L. Hodgetts Climate Change, Inuvialuit Heritage, and Archaeology on Banks Island, NWT
 15:15-15:30 Y. Zaika, E. Golubeva Socio-economic and environmental challenges and problems of single-industry cities in the Arctic


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